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Primo Hansford and Consulting

Your External HR

As our tagline says, Primo Hansford and Consulting Services is your external HR which helps you with the services such as contract staffing of both skilled and unskilled employees, payroll management of both Blue and white collared with an extensive facility management and statutory compliance. At present, we are serving more than 12 clients, some of which are Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm, Jabong, Usha, Hettich.

Contract Staffing

Our firm works to find qualified talent, handling much of the qualifying and interview process. The worker is then hired as a contract employee; hired on contract for a specific job, for a specific pay rate.

The fact is that not all companies are looking to hire full-time, and not everyone can find full-time, direct employment. More and more people, however, are choosing a contract or consulting work style. Some are seeking a better work/life balance, a limited contract length, or some choose their work projects to develop certain skills or obtain experience in various work-settings, growing their career in the process. Thus, contract employees at our company are seeking experience with certain companies and see contracts as a “foot in the door.

Payroll management

A payroll is a company's list of its employees, but the term is commonly used to refer to: the total amount of money that a company pays to its employees. a company's records of its employees' salaries and wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes.

At Primo, Payroll management refers to the process by which employees receive their salary. Functions involve balancing and reconciling payroll data and depositing and reporting taxes. The payroll department takes care of wage deductions, record keeping and verifying the reliability of pay data.

Get the best career you have ever visioned

We work for the betterment of both skilled and unskilled masses. Allow us to take a step ahead for you to get into the job opportunity you wish for. Below is the section where you can contact us to make a bright future.


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