The Smart LogisticiansTM

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Meet Our Management Team

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A message from our CEO

Pradeep Shukla


Organizations are made up of people and thoughts. Values make up our thoughts. So our organization is a very friendly organization that ensures that our team member work here as a family, use authority with responsibility and deliver it to clients and customer in the best possible manner.


We are aspiring and creating a world class supply chain solutions company that fits all the budget with world class technologies in place. Every customer is important to us and we pay equal attention to all our clients. We have a very unique way of working and bottom line of our working at all levels is “Never Say No”.


We at Primo Group carry plenty of in house experience in most of the domains are competent enough to walk hand in hand with you, to making your supply chains more efficient, more profitable. We do not view Supply Chain as “Cost Centre”, we view it as a “Profit Centre”.


Our people are reachable all the time and every small of your is our problem. We are there to make it successful for you.

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